Monday, July 29, 2013

George Benson ~ Inspiration (A Tribute To Nat King Cole)

George Benson has been at it for only 5 decades - you'd think after all this time, he might run out of steam. The incredible thing about his new tribute album to Nat King Cole is that just the opposite has happened. The singing and guitar work is just as strong as the heyday of his career. I'm just baffled that he hasn't fallen off after all these years. Throw in some great cameos by Wynton Marsalis, Idina Menzel and Michael McDonald (+ more) and you have a classic album in the making.
Whether or not you're familiar with Nat's repertoire (I mean, who isn't at this point?) this album is enjoyable from start to finish and makes a great addition to any record collection. Highly recommended!

01. Mona Lisa – Lil' Georgie Benson (0:57)
02. Just One Of Those Things (2:42)
03. Unforgettable Feat Wynton Marsalis (5:05)
04. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home (2:43)
05. When I Fall In Love And Idina Menzel (4:03)
06. Route 66 (3:50)
07. Nature Boy (2:39)
08. Ballerina (2:46)
09. Smile Feat Till Brönner (3:22)
10. Straighten Up And Fly Right (3:05)
11. Too Young Feat Judith Hill (3:27)
12. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (3:04)
13. Mona Lisa (3:02)

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